Founder Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus

 Evangelist Vincent Bauhaus - ten Bouwhuis"I understand the lyrics of the famous Hymn by John Newton, for I do not mean to come across boastful, it is amazing grace that saved me and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His absolutely amazing saving grace. I consider it an honour and a privilege to serve Him and give Him all the glory, I pray that the work of this international ministry blesses you".

Vincent Bauhaus, a husband and a father, A Dutchman with a Jewish genealogy on his mother's side, a friend of Israel and an ordained minister called of God in the five fold ministry. Born in the Netherlands where he graduated from the School of Economics and where he was also educated to fluency in four languages, English, German, Dutch and elimentary knowledge of French. He then moved to Great Britain in the 90's because of his career where he then also became serious about his faith attending regularly a local Church of England.

But he was not Spirit-filled and this was to suddenly change, Vincent had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ following and during watching Pastor Benny preach the cross on TBN and several months later when called audibly by God (explanation below), he began his ministry.
Although he was raised a moderate Christian all his life, educated at Christian schools and had a faith, but this encounter irrefutably confirmed the call on his life. Vincent subsequently became a fervent student of the Bible and apart from that, alongside his business career, as he build a business in furnishing the hospitality industry in Great Britain, he  began to study another set of disciplines at university namely theology and psychology. Vincent founded this worldwide outreach ministry in 2005.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given Vincent a powerful anointing to preach, to prophesy and also a teaching ministry encouraging and edifying the Body of Christ. With a God-given burden to bring to reach the world with the knowledge of the Glory of God, he has conducted and longingly organises gospel campaigns and conferences in Africa and Asia including many outdoor gospel campaigns in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India.

Called of God not by man: Five months after the above mentioned full surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and the receiving of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the Lord called Vincent audibly by name three times during one week, to serve Him worldwide in ministry, Vincent obeyed when the Lord called the third time within that same week because the first two times, he was completely astonished at this encounter with the living God. Then he started following the Lord's precise instructions. Exactly 9 years later the Lord called Vincent again audibly on the exact date of the anniversary of his ordination taking him to the next level of his ministry.

Pastor Vincent[on the left Evangelist Vincent pictured with his wife]

With a powerful fruit bearing deliverance & restoration-healing ministry he has furthermore received an international reputation as an expert in spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry and soul-healing i.E. restoration of the broken heart and identity disorders, having done thousands of hours of personal confidential intensive individual inner healing ministry and in-depth deliverance with a multitude of broken-hearted and evil spirit oppressed people in the UK, Africa, Asia, USA and from all over the world. He has conducted thousands of personal sessions.

MEDIA: Vincent has worked with the press and TV media and has always had an open-door-to-the-media-philosophy for them to understand Christian outreach this has been widely reported and has helped many to understand.

Evangelist Pastor Vincent ten BouwhuisThrough international outreach and crusades millions people have been saved, healed, restored and delivered ALL to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Vincent is available for speaking engagements in churches and conferences worldwide, contact us or email:

Evangelist Vincent is based in Tampa FL and Los Angeles CA