Online School of Deliverance Ministry

online school of deliverance ministryThe online school of deliverance ministry become fully trained and equipped in spiritual warfare.

Evangelist Vincent, is used internationally by the Lord Jesus Christ as one of the foremost experts in deliverance ministry, spiritual warfare and inner-healing. He is a very gifted and anointed teacher who is passionate about training born again believers as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded him to do. To help others set the captives free, to heal the broken-hearted and furthermore to lead. Hence the online school of deliverance ministry.

Besides his many crusades around the world, where multitudes have repented and gave their lives to Jesus Christ and where many miracles have taken place. He has conducted over 5,000 personal intensive ministry sessions with people from all over the world with a large variety of demon oppression, demon possession, witchcraft, water spirits - obanji, vexations, trauma, pain, satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder (MPD / DID) dissociate identity disorder, illnesses, deceases and other problems.

Pastor Vincent has also spent considerable ministry time in East and West Africa conducting deliverance for people from the depth of witchcraft and water spirits.

Content of the online school of deliverance ministry

Pastor Vincent has obeyed the instruction of the Lord to teach in depth in his unique online school of deliverance ministry. Because with the anointing, the tremendous insights in spiritual warfare and the gift of teaching that the Lord has given to Pastor Vincent also came the responsibility to train and equip others in the body of Christ.
It has taken 5 years to complete this unique online school of deliverance ministry. The most complete Bible based training in spiritual warfare and identity disorder restoration. The IOSOD and for those that want to carry on to fully ordained minister the IOLMT the international online leadership ministry training.
Pastor Vincent teaches from the Holy scriptures and the course includes a lot of Bible teaching to root the student firmly in the Word of God. In-depth teaching about inner-healing & deliverance ministry and how to actually minister effectively to someone.


At the end of the online school of deliverance ministry you will have a solid understanding of the fundamental doctrines of Jesus Christ. You will be equipped in ministry how to successfully and foremost Biblically heal the broken-hearted and how to successfully set the captives free, pull down strongholds, break curses and cast out devils. Exactly as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded us all to do. Luke 4:18 and Mark 16:17-18

Over 50 hours of online teaching in the online school of deliverance ministry. Anointed and Holy Spirit instructed in-depth teaching. Spread over several modules or months-modules. Including teachings with actual HD video of many of Pastor Vincent's 1-1 deliverance sessions of demon oppressed people and people with various personality disorders. This is for you to see it happen and get the explanation. All to completely equip you, to understand and know doctrine and to heal the broken-hearted, minister healing to the sick and to cast out devils and set the oppressed and possessed free in Jesus name.

All students of the online school of deliverance ministry have said the course is totally amazing. Most students even received healing of their own brokenness and deliverance, just by doing the course!

YOU CAN DO THE WHOLE ONLINE SCHOOL OF DELIVERANCE MINISTRY AT YOUR OWN PACE! AT YOUR OWN IDEAL TIME ON ANY DEVICE laptop, pc, Mac, smart phone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, BB, Android device, etc AND you can download the MP3's to listen off-line as well.

Graduation from the online School of Deliverance Ministry

online school of deliverance ministryAt the end of every module of the online school of deliverance ministry, is a small test for you to fill out and e-mail to Evangelist Vincent to help you and encourage you to see if you have understood the lessons in the module so far. And after the last module of the online school of deliverance ministry follows the final examination. This is part written exam an part verbal exam by Pastor Vincent via VOIP like Skype Audio or FaceTime audio or telephone. The telephone examination also authenticates that the actual student has passed the written exam and verbal exam and is genuinely passed. This is because as a ministry we take the certification very serious. When you have passed the exam, and you will, and you will get more then one change should you fail, but anybody who has listened seriously to the teachings in the course should pass, you will then receive your certificate by postal mail.

Registration and Cost

online school of deliveranceThe complete IOSOD: only 6 instalments of $100 USD per month, please email us after your payment is made stating that you have enrolled for IOSOD, thanks 

IOSOD buy now

To register, click the BUY NOW button above, should that not work, click here to go to the donations page, there select the - Donate 100 USD monthly button - you don't have to have a PayPal account all cards are accepted.

Each level can be completed at your own pace, but 6 months is the set length.

On receipt of your payment you will receive the passwords to start, usually within hours, with the STUDENT LOGIN picture-logo above students log in to the IOSOD website.

Since the launch of the online school of deliverance ministry, many brothers and sisters and also many Pastors from the UK, USA, Africa, India, the Caribbean islands, and all over the world have enrolled. And have been thoroughly impressed and blessed and are now moving powerfully in the ministry of deliverance and restoration.

Follow on:
The online Bible school IOLMT is created for those that want to continue after completing this IOSOD school and making it 12 months of study in total = IMLBS: is the same length but 6 instalments of $150 USD.

Third World Discount
In order to be fair and offer equal ministry training opportunities to ministers and aspiring ministers in Third World nations and Evangelist Vincent has spend much time in ministry and longingly in third world nations for crusades. We offer a large discount.

For people from and living in the Third World nations, upon strict verification, in your email please include a copy of a photo-ID and a phone number. We offer a concession (discount) reducing the amount to half, so a full 50% reduction. This we know is affordable for most ministers and Pastors in Third World nations and many Pastors and ministers from African and Asian nations have already enrolled in the online school of deliverance ministry.

The cost of running the online school of deliverance ministry is high, therefore we cannot offer this free of charge. Furthermore we believe we have made a very large discount for Third World Pastors and that those that are called of God will be able to bring this about together with their congregations or churches.

If you are living in the Third World and want to enrol please first e-mail after our verification process you can then enrol the online school of deliverance ministry at the reduced rate.

You can use our 'donations page' and pay with any card or for payments from the Third World countries. The easiest way might be to use Western Union money transfer. Make sure after verification and qualification for the discount that when you pay via Western Union that you email me the exact full name of the sender as used on the form. The place and country send from and the MTCN reference number.



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