Partner Series - The most powerful teaching series I have ever taught:

After a time of fasting and consecration the Lord said to me: 'Vincent, these are the PARTNER SERIES, I'll teach you and reveal to you everything to empower your partners to the the highest level of abundance and blessing ongoingly'
Then the Lord said to me:  'worldwide evangelism is most important to me that is my priority, anyone who partners with you my anointed evangelist lines up with my priority, therefore I will give you revelation from the scriptures to greatly bless your partners in every area of their life and allow the anointing on your life to flow into theirs, empowering them for the exceeding abundant and beyond'

Partner Series Ep2 screenshotWithin these tremendously anointed revelation filled Partner Series I'll update you on all the missions even from the field, we have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes and the Lord has lined up several locations were I'll be going, I'll disclose this in the series. If there was ever a time to please the Lord with fulfilling His heart's desire namely fulfilling the great commission together it is now.

The most recent episode is at the top scroll down for Episode 1. You will need your Partners Password which has been emailed to you to view the videos, click HD to set High Definition and the button next to this for full screen view:

EPISODE 8 (Partner Series 1) - Episode 6-12 require the new password as emailed for security reasons

EPISODE 7 (Partner Series 1) Episode 6-12 require the new password as emailed for security reasons

EPISODE 6 (Partner Series 1) - Episode 6-12 require the new password as emailed for security reasons

EPISODE 5 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 4 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 3 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 2 (Partner Series 1)

EPISODE 1 (Partner Series 1)